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Introductory Workshop…

Transform Your Life Live Your Dreams! First 5 people to register, attend FREE!

This workshop will introduce you to the 5 Module Program

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Transform Your Life, Live Your Dreams,
Group Coaching Modular Program!

10 Hours of Coaching – 5 Module Program Dates

  • Module # 1:
  • Module # 2:
  • Module # 3 :
  • Module # 4:
  • Module # 5:

Register Me!- – Coming Soon!
Full Payment
$585 +GST ($90 OFF REGULAR PRICE $675)

Register Me!- – Coming Soon!
Installment Payments $225 deposit (non refundable) + 1 Payment of $400 +GST $625 +GST ($50 OFF REGULAR PRICE $675)

This Life Coaching Program Is For You If:

  • Chaos, drama, procrastination, avoidance or feeling overwhelmed is managing you instead of you managing it.
  • You are stuck emotionally, spiritually and/or mentally and want to change your life, but don’t know how to begin.
  • You know what changes you want to make (i.e. get organized, do what you love full time) but can’t seem to get motivated to take action.
  • Persistent negative behaviour causes struggle and you want to break this pattern and create strategies to change/manage/prevent it.

In Just 5, 2 Hour Modules You Will Learn To:

  • Stay committed and motivated to actions that will realize your “Dream Life.”
  • Create a healthy life with more peace, order, balance and flow.
  • Evaluate & build your resources and create healthy selection criteria for choosing the right people to support you.
  • Free yourself of the opinions of those who are not supportive.
  • Learn to clear emotional blocks to your success – The Bach Flower Remedies are a simple and natural remedy system that will keep you focused, well-grounded and taking actions to move forward.

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