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Your Life Coach – Elizabeth Strange CTACC

Let me help you to create a new life path to move from a Survivor to a Thriver!

I know what it takes to overcome many of life’s obstacles and this gives me a deep resource pool of life experience context to help you do the same.
It has taken me 20 years to realize my dream life of being a Life Coach in my own business, being of service to others. I made eight different strategic career moves and four of them into completely different industries with no prior experience. From social work to corporate training.

I am a “walk-the-talk,” spiritual person. After 20 years and 1000+ hours of personal development work to excavate my authentic self, I finally discovered my Life Mission, gifts and talents about eight years ago and have never looked back.
An experienced, intuitive and gentle coach, I safely support you in developing your Life Plan and strategies to help transform your life and live your dreams!

My Core Values

Integrity, Wellness, Communication, Generosity of Spirit, Continuous Learning and Service to Others, to name a few.

    My Qualifications

  • An experienced coach for over 8 years
  • Certified:
    • Life Coach with the Coach Training Alliance (recognized training by the International Coaching Federation)
    • Life Skills Coach
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation.

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