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About us

About us

Specializing in breakthroughs of understanding and
changing chronic lifelong patterns that prevent you from living a more balanced and healthy life.
(i.e. anxiety, procrastination,
disorganization, a chaotic life, etc.)

Many of us have dreams of accomplishing something meaningful and important in our lives. Due to a lack of resources, teachers, coaches or models, we feel stuck, anxious and immobilized at the thought of going after a dream. Or we have limitations placed upon us by ourselves or others.

Strategic Life Coaching uses a wholistic approach to overcome chaos and change in various areas:

  • Recover after a loss
  • Change careers
  • Balance family life and career
  • Live with more order - spiritual, emotional, mental and in your home
  • What makes Strategic Life Coaching unique?

It is a deep holistic excavation of your authentic self that incorporates natural remedies. English Wildflower Remedies® can help to clear the path of emotional blocks to your success and keep you balanced, consistently moving forward. Goals and practical, measurable action plans are created in each session and evaluated regularly to ensure that you know how you are being successful and why.

  • Identification of your desires and gifts/talents and integrate that knowledge to help you succeed in accomplishing your goals and a life of balance, understanding and happiness.
  • Create and support you in transition, to move forward in small, incremental, consistent actions in any area of your life; career, motherhood, relationships, etc.
  • Catalyze and inspire you to become your true self resulting in a more fulfilling life from a place of empowerment

What does it take to make dreams come true?

Going after your dreams is not for the faint of heart. It requires:

  • Courage
  • Persistence
  • Belief and trust in yourself and something larger than you
  • A strong ability to develop and use healthy coping strategies
  • sectionerse resources to handle all the curve balls that life can through your way
  • Purging of those patterns that no longer serve you
  • Creation of new models for your life from within
That's where Elizabeth Strange comes in!

She utilizes her unique talent for taking complex issues and creating a simple and practical resolution plan. Plus, she has a gift for being the catalyst for action while inspiring and motivating you to keep moving forward in small, incremental, measurable ways.

Can I incorporate my own spiritual beliefs into this work?

Yes, clients who have a spiritual connection will be able to integrate these beliefs into this life coaching work. This work is for anyone who wants to live more consciously from the inside out.